Vovan and Funky-J

Vovan and Funky-J is an new generation essential Duo if the actual Locking scene. Vovan is a dancer from Russia, very involved in the locking development of his country. He is a very versatile dancer and dance since his very young age. Today Vovan is a choreographer on the very famous TV Show :  Tancy. Funky-J, from France, learnt Locking in Los Angeles with a lot of pionniers. After getting the juste debout school diploma, she starts to be a dancers for a lot of theatre projects. They met being both part of the international movement Locking4life. Since 2014 they did a lot of competition : finalist of Juste debout, WDC, UK Bboys. Together, with their knowledges and versatiles styles, they are teaching a way to choreograph Locking in a New school way and with a particular style and approach.